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Pam Rubac

Finance Manager

Serving McLane Stadium Since: September 2014

Pam was born in Temple, Texas but was raised in Irving, Texas. She attended Texas A&M and SFA and received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Pam is a great asset to our team and has over 33 years of accounting experience in various fields and industries.  She worked at a corporate communication’s company, software companies for 13 years, a healthcare company for 4 years, and a Plumbing/HVAC company for over 7 years. Pam wears many hats and brings great knowledge and experience to McLane Stadium. She has been with SMG/Savor since September 2014.

Pam has triplets that are 23 years old. One daughter, Alex, is working on her PHD in Statistics at Mizzou. Megan is starting her master program at UT this year in Autism. She received her Bachelors at UT and has been working with children with autism and other related disorders. Her son, Travis, is a Marine, and was married in March to a Baylor lady who graduates next year with 2 degrees.

Pam is a Big Sis in the Big Sis, Little Sis program in Waco Texas which she has greatly enjoyed. She is very close to her family and loves music, beaches and the pool.

Email Pam at prubac@mclanestadium.com or call 254-710-8106.