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Upcoming Event

Operation Warmth for Warriors

EVENT DATE: July 4 10:00am
Operation Warmth for Warriors is a fundraising project that will help homeless veterans in Texas by providing them with sleeping bags. The goal of the project is two-fold: (1) raise $20,000 and (2) break a Guiness World Record. The $20,000 will be used to purchase at least 1,000 sleeping bags for homeless Texas veterans. Accomplishing this objective will also accomplish the second objective. The current Guinness World Record for lined up sleeping Bags is 550. This was set by Mid-American Christian University in 2022. The previous record of 253 was set in India in 2016. Baylor is going to smash this Guiness World Record at McLane Stadium on July 4th while also providing a tremendous service to the community of warriors who are homeless and in need of a blessing.

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